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Wasptec, wasp nest removal are based in Leeds and been providing reliable bee, hornet and wasp control for many years, domestic and commercial. All treatments guaranteed, quick acting and with first class customer support. Hundreds of live 5 Star Google Reviews can be read on the Wasptec, wasp nest removal Leeds, review page. Have a FREE no obligation talk with a local specialist. Open 7 days week,
7:30am to 9pm.

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Same day services available so you will be wasp free as soon as possible, as with all our wasp nest removal, clear terms and pricing given. As professional members of the National Pest Control Register (NPTA), and the UK's leading Pest Control register BASIS Prompt Wasptec, wasp nest removal Leeds, provide cutting edge treatments, tips and techniques for all Bee, Hornet and Wasp pest control in the City and surrounding areas.


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You can easily read hundreds of live,
5 star Google verified reviews on the
Wasptec, wasp nest removal Leeds,
review page

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Excellent Reviews for Wasptec wasp nest removal leeds
  • Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Excellent service! Gareth was a pleasure to work with. Very professional and explained everything well. Huge Wasp nest in a hard to reach area of the loft and he tackled it fast and effectively!... Its always worth getting a professional in and Gareth is highly recommended! Thank you!

  • Lee Charallah - Pudsey

  • 5 Stars

  • 14th Feb 2020

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Fantastic Service

Great for wasp nest removal leeds
  • Fantastic service. As someone with a massive wasp phobia, this company were very understanding, helpful, fast and dealt with the nest that same day. Very good price and did exactly what they said they would do. I'm so grateful - thank you! Would highly recommend! 10/10 on all counts.

  • Emily Godfrey - Leeds

  • 5 Stars

  • Nov 2019

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Quick Response

Excellent Pest Control reviews in Leeds
  • Very professional service. Quick response. Gareth explained exactly what he would be doing and how. He explained the chemicals he would be using and there excellent reputation he also gave a clear time frame of when the area would be clear. His general background knowledge of wasps reassured me of his expertise and capability. Thank you!

  • Maisie - Oldroyd

  • 5 Stars

  • August 2019

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DBS Checked Experts

Personal Technician

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The picture here is of Gareth, our lead wasp nest removal technician in Leeds. You will see from the local reviews on Google that Wasptec are very highly rated and provide a thorough pest control solution for your wasp, bee and hornet issues.

Gareth is fully cleared by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). You can be confident with Wasptec attending your property. Gareth and other technicians will gladly provide you with their ID, wasp nest removal and pest control credentials
Of course the hundreds of Leeds based 5 Star Google reviews show you are in good hands.

How to get rid of a wasp nest fast?

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If you are going to try removing a wasp nest yourself make sure you wear protective clothing. Wasps can enter through very small gaps and you'll be surprised how easily the can sting through clothing. Be very careful, wasps react to the carbon dioxide coming from your body and breath and once locked on can chase you for quite a distance. Wear an approved mask to help reduce emissions, not just a hanky, dust mask etc but a proper approved one. Carbon dioxide in the air makes wasps aggressive.

Its not just about killing off the wasps. A professional wasp nest removal technician will be able to provide valuable tips, advice and solutions on proofing and containing further issues. Leeds wasp nest removal problems cover schools, parks, areas of waste areas, areas of beauty and just about anywhere. Killing off wasps on the outside of the nest with domestic products often doesn't resolve issues with wasps still inside the nest such as Queens, larvae and other workers - drones.

There are wasp nest removal products available to the domestic market but of course there is a reason why professional wasp nest removal sprays, dusts and so forth are used by wasp control experts. Its because it has a wider effect on the wasp colony, more effective and helps to make the problem less volatile.

How long does a wasp nest last?

Queen wasps emerge from winter hibernation around spring time and begin building their nest. The nest is made from a paper like substance. The wasps strip wood from attic rafters, trees and so forth and mix it with their saliva to make a paper mache like substance.

Depending on factors such as, weather, food sources etc the nest will grow at a steady rate until the end of season, around September, October. A nest can hold thousands of wasps and nest removal is advised particularly if there is a threat to children, elderly, pets or of anyone being attacked

At season end queens go into winter hibernation and the wasp nest will generally just stay in situ. Please note, rotting wasp, larvae Caracass's , residual food etc will produce bacteria. It is strongly advised to wear the correct protection masks if you endeavour to remove an abandoned nest as breathing in the debris from a dead nest is not fun for the lungs. In addition, nests in attic spaces have many other issues of concern such as airborne fibre glass particles from attic insulation and potential areas of contamination from other pests such as rats, mice etc.

Should landlords remove wasp nests?

We get asked often if landlords are liable for wasp nest removal in Leeds. The answer is it depends on your contract. However, many landlords show good faith with their tenants and take responsibility for wasp nest removal. Of course, that is nt always the case.

Wasptec, are happy to answer any landlord questions on wasp nest removal costs, procedures and so forth so if you have any concerns just give us a quick no obligation call and speak with a Leeds based wasp nest removal expert today.

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Wasptec are based in Leeds

All Wasp and Bee control is Guaranteed

Prices listed are for general bee and wasp control, treatments and removals.

In situations where e.g., specialist equipment is needed such as cherry pickers for high rise buildings there are additional costs. However, a Wasptec technician will provide you a clear and excellent quote suitable for your needs and before any work is undertaken.

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5 Stars Wasptec came and did a great job and were really pleasant. We recently had a second (totally separate) nest and I immediately got Wasptec back and they sorted it out....

5 Star Really happy to recommend this company. Prompt, helpful, friendly, professional and solved my wasp problem in no time....

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How often can Wasps Sting?

Wasps can sting many times during an attack. Sometimes the stinger gets stuck in the victims flesh. Even when a wasp is dead its stinger can still be active, so be careful not to tread on it with bare feet. Call Wasptec, wasp nest removal Leeds .

Can Wasps Bite as well as Sting?

Yes, wasps can bite. Wasps tend to bite smaller insects and not humans though. Some species of wasp are omnivorous, they feed on insects, fruit, nectar and dead insects.

Should I block the hole the wasps go in?

Some people think blocking the hole to e.g. a cavity wall will eventually kill off the wasps however, wasps feed on insects and there are plenty in cavity walls. Wasp colonies can continue to grow inside cavities. There are many holes and gaps in houses, its not surprising blocking gaps particularly with industrial foam can cause bigger problems.

Can Wasp Nest Removal be dangerous?

Wasp nest removal can be dangerous. Wasp stings can easily cause allergic reactions and sometimes anaphylactic shock. While wasps stings can hurt and itch for days after the location of the nest can often be dangerous and difficult to reach.

Do Domestic Products Work ?

The answer is, Yes and No. Many domestic wasp killer products tend not to do exactly what they say on the tin. Some kill off wasps on the outside of the nest if theres a lucky shot however, it is common grubs and other wasps inside the nest are not infected. For a while exterior numbers reduce. We often see customers in and around Leeds who find when new grubs hatch they have the same problem. Queen wasps spread and colonies multiply. Get it done properly by a professional whether it is with us or not......

How long does the Wasp Nest Removal Treatment stay Active?

Professional Pest control Wasp treatment can stay active for many months giving you added protection and value for money. Call Wasptec, wasp nest removal Leeds.


Are there Call Out Charges?

If you call Wasptec, wasp nest removal Leeds out to your property and you forget to be there, there is no access available or there are no signs of any wasps, bee or hornets there is a call out charge. The call out charge is the minimum tariff for wasp nest removal Leeds. If you call Wasptec, and have misidentified the species and no treatment is able to be made or you decide not to go ahead with a treatment or removal, a call out charge applies. However, a consultation is given explaining what species you have at your property, what you are able to do to prevent future problems and what to expect with the wasps, bees or hornets. Consultations are charged at a standard rate.

Are all treatments guaranteed?

Yes, Wasptec guarantee their work. Please read the wasptec guarantee for further wasp pest control information.

Are wasp nest removal costs fixed?

Yes, costs are fixed for standard treatments and removals in Leeds. However, it is unrealistic to define a one price fits all scenario as some nests maybe in high rise buildings, need specialist equipment and/or be emergencies to name a few. For these reasons and for all wasp nest removal in Leeds, Wasptec provide very clear quotes with top class customer service. Simply call the helpline for a FREE no obligation quote.

What is a Standard Treatment or Removal?

Standard treatments include those that do not need specialist equipment, occasionally location and availability effects standard and emergency treatment tariffs however, for your ease a local wasp removal technician will be able to provide you a clear and open, no obligation quote before any work is undertaken.

Any questions about wasp nest removal in Leeds just give us a call and we will gladly answer your questions.

Wasptec, wasp removal Leeds, Privacy Policy

You can be sure that Wasptec treat any information you give with utmost privacy and confidentiality. Please read the Wasptec Privacy Policy

Any questions about wasp nest removal in Leeds just give us a call and we will gladly answer your questions.

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