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Wasptec offer a 100% guarantee on all bee and wasp nest removal treatments undertaken. If wasp control or bee control treatment is carried around your property, then the treatment is guaranteed. If after 48 hours of treatment there is still activity of either wasps or bees the area treated then Wasptec will return free of charge and carry out further treatments and until the wasp or bee nest treatment has been successful. Please note 99% of wasp, hornet  and bee control treatments are successful first time.

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Wasptec wasp nest removal Leeds will carry out a survey of your property to determine whether more than one wasp or bee nest is present. If so Wasptec will always point these out to you before treatments are applied. Wasptec cannot guarantee extra nests on your property will be found even if they are present as sometimes the are hidden. Wasp and bee activity varies from nest to nest depending on the colony size inside the nest. Nests cannot always be detected until significant activity takes place.

Wasptec are a very fair and honest company. If wasp or bee nest treatments have not been successful, for any reason, Wasptec will take full responsibility and return to administer further treatments until you are fully satisfied at no further cost. If treatments have been successful and the problem is in a different location then this is classed as a secondary nest and additional costs will be incurred, discounts are available and treatment of the new wasp nest will also be guaranteed.

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All Wasp and Bee control is Guaranteed

Costs are fixed for standard wasp control and wasp nest treatments.

Wasptec can't guarantee that you will not get another wasp/hornet nest in and around your home; this guarantee only covers you for the wasp and bee nests treated by Wasptec Wasps and bees emerge from hibernation at different times and start building at irregular intervals. Once a nest has been treated it will not start up somewhere else. If you have wasps or bees coming and going from a specific point at the front of your house, and the same at the back of your house, then this will mean you have at least two nests. If Wasptec treat a nest at the front and are called back and discover the nest is in a different location to where the first treatment was applied then this would be charged at the standard wasp nest removal rate listed below as it would be a different nest and not covered under the guarantee.

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What happens when the treatment is applied?

There will be a lot of wasp or bee activity around the area the treatment was applied to. This is because the wasps or bee will know something is wrong but will naturally try to defend the queen within the nest.. Call Wasptec, wasp nest removal Leeds .

Within 1hour of treatment wasp/hornet activity will die down a considerable amount. The wasps/hornets will enter the nest to get to the queen.

Within 2 hours there will be very little activity, if any, remaining. The wasps/hornets would have entered the nest and contaminated the queen.

After 24 hours the nest will be dead, you may still see the odd wasp/hornet lingering around where the treatment was applied, usually wasps/hornets that may have been trapped in houses, and have only just returned to the nest.

After 48 hours there should be no signs of activity, if there are more than a few wasps/hornets still coming and going from the entry point that had been treated then you would need to call us back out. Wasptec are unable to remove an active wasp nest, it will take at least 48 hours to be able to safely remove the nest.

Do Wasp Nest Treatments include Removing the Nest?

No, a treatment is a separate service to a removal. It is generally best to treat a nest in situ and then leave it for a week as the insecticide stays active during that period helping to secure you against further wasp nest issues in that area. If in the future you would like the nest removed then this can be done and would be charged. The nest must be visible for us to be able to take it away.

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What if I need to call Wasptec Back out?

If you need to call Wasptec back out for a re-treatment or if you have discovered a new nest that needs treating then please call 01132 566665 and we will book you in. If you require any other information then please feel free to give us a call and we will do our best to help.

Wasptec will carry out a survey of your property determining whether more than one wasp nest is present and if so will always point these out before any treatments are applied. Wasptec cannot guarantee extra nests on your property will be found even if present. Wasp and bee activity varies from nest to nest depending on the colony size inside the nest and nests cannot always be detected until significant activity takes place.

Is the Poison Dangerous to Humans or Animals?

Wasp nest removal can be dangerous. Wasp stings can easily cause allergic reactions and sometimes anaphylactic shock. While wasps stings can hurt and itch for days after the location of the nest can often be dangerousness/difficult to reach.