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How Much Does Wasp Control Cost ?

Wasptec, wasp nest removal offer a clear and simple pricing structure so you know exactly what to expect and will be wasp or bee free as soon as possible. Discounts are available via the easy call Helpline.

All wasp nest removal treatments are fully guaranteed. Speak for FREE with a local technician today for a no obligation quote.

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All Wasp and Bee control is Guaranteed

Prices listed are fixed for general wasp control and wasp nest treatments.

Special Discounts Available via the FREE Advice Helpline.

In situations where specialist equipment is needed such as cherry pickers for high rise buildings there are additional costs. Wasptec work hard to provide you an excellent price and service. A local technician can provide information for you on the Helpline which you can easily contact for a FREE no obligation conversation. Clear pricing for the more complex wasp control or removal will be given so you know exactly what to expect.

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Standard removal or treatment.

Guaranteed. Call the HELPLINE.

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Hornet Removal



Just £60 for Hornet Treatments in Leeds and the Surrounding Areas.

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Bee Nest Treatment



Just £65 for a professional Bee removal service.

Wasptec love Bees and always treat Bees as humanely as possible.

Discount Available via the HELPLINE - Easy to Call

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Honey Bee Removal



£85 for Honey Bee capture or treatments.

Wasptec love the Ecology and always treat Honey Bees as humanely as possible.

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Five Stars Excellent service from the start. From answering initial questions over the phone to the service itself, and information given. Very friendly and would highly recommend to anyone....

Five Stars Highly recommend Wasptec, lovely company to deal with, super friendly and helpful, really nice chap, very knowledgeable, kept in contact, turned up when he said he would and got rid of the wasps nest. All for a very reasonable price....

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How often can Wasps Sting?

Wasps can sting many times during an attack. Sometimes the stinger gets stuck in the victims flesh. Even when a wasp is dead its stinger can still be active, so be careful not to tread on it with bare feet. Call Wasptec, wasp nest removal Leeds .

Can Wasps Bite as well as Sting?

Yes, wasps can bite. Wasps tend to bite smaller insects and not humans though. Some species of wasp are omnivorous, they feed on insects, fruit, nectar and dead insects.

Should I block the hole the wasps go in ?

Some people think blocking the hole to a cavity wall etc will eventually kill off the wasps however, wasps feed on insects and there are plenty in cavity walls. Wasp colonies can continue to grow inside cavities. There are many holes and gaps in houses, its not surprising blocking gaps particularly with industrial foam can causes bigger problems.

Can Wasp Nest Removal be dangerous?

Wasp nest removal can be dangerous. Wasp stings can easily cause allergic reactions and sometimes anaphylactic shock. While wasps stings can hurt and itch for days after the location of the nest can often be dangerous/difficult to reach.

Do Domestic Products Work ?

The answer is, Yes and No. Many domestic wasp killer products tend not to do exactly what they say on the tin. Some can kill off the wasps on the outside of the nest if there is a lucky shot however, it is common that grubs and other wasps inside the nest are not infected. So for a while exterior numbers reduce. We often see customers in and around Leeds who find when new grubs hatch they have the same problem again. Queen wasps spread and colonies multiply.  Get it done properly by a professional whether you choose us or not......

How long does the Wasp Nest Removal Treatment stay Active?

Professional Pest control Wasp treatment can stay active for a few months giving you added protection and value for money. Call Wasptec, wasp nest removal Leeds.


Are there Call Out Charges?

If you call Wasptec, wasp nest removal Leeds out to your property and you forget to be there, There is no access available or there are no signs of any wasps, bee or hornets there is a call out charge. The call out charge is the minimum tariff of £50.

Do I have to pay on the day?

Payments can be made on the day or quickly and easily online or over the phone. The Wasptec office will send an invoice to your email.